No question, the BMW 750iL from BMW’s E32 model range is a truly special car: It’s the first German 12 cylinder car (at least after World War II), it came with a ton of technological innovation (such as adaptive damping and steering) and I think it looked really cool (to me, this is the best looking 7 series).

The lifetime story of this specific one with the VIN number WBAGC810003055241 is as special as the 750iL itself, I suppose: It left the factory in Munich on 22 October 1988 as a Japan specified version. It was ordered in burgundy red (“Burgundrot Metallic”) with black leather and a couple of luxurious options. In terms of a BMW E32, this one is as good as it gets!

Picture source: Tom Wood / RM Sotheby’s, 2018

From the Munich factory, it was shipped to Japan and officially registered in 1989. It spent its early life there, never being driven much. It was then exported to a collector in the Netherlands, who preserved the car in its beautiful condition. In 2017, it was bought by another collector and imported to Switzerland. It belonged to a collection of over 100 cars which was dissembled in 2018.

Auction result at RM Sotheby’s in April 2018, taken from the RM Sotheby’s website

In consequence, our burgundy red 750iL was auctioned by RM Sotheby’s in April 2018 in Essen, Germany, during the International Essen Motor Show. 

A random view into Essen Motor Show, April 2018
The BMW 750iL up for auction in April 2018 at Essen Motor Show

On the auction, the 750iL was sold for 10,925 Euro, supposedly a bargain, given its mint condition and the really low mileage of 40,000 kilometers (24,000 miles). So, how did its journey carry on? Did it disappear in a private collection? 

Well, no. As of today (November 2019), the car is on sale again. It is supposedly being sold by a private collector in Berlin, Germany:

Online ad of the BMW 750 iL in November 2019, now on sale for 30,500 Euro

It is now on sales for 30,500 Euro; in other words, its suggested retail value would have almost tripled during the last 18 months. But 30,000 Euro for an E32 from Japan is asking a lot. Let’s see how the ad evolves and for how long the car will be online, and, most of all, let’s hope that it will end up in good hands to maintain this car!

So, what’s your take on the E32 7 series? Ever owned one, or planning to purchase one in future?

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