My mom keeps telling how I could name most car brands before I was able to build short sentences. Cars have played a major role in all my life. This passion has obviously led to creating this website, among other things.

My name is Michael and I live in the most Western tip of Germany. Born in 1978, I have lived through over 4 decades of automotive history. Cars determined a significant part of my childhood, youth and even made me become an industrial engineer (who started his career in the automotive industry but then took a different path, but that is another story). If you want to know more about the automotive facets of my early childhood, here is a post about all the cars my dad ever owned (and some of which I naturally grew up with).

As this is a website about cars, I can just as well introduce myself through some of the automotive milestones I have had the pleasure to own. 

I would consider all of them “tomorrow’s classics” today and sometimes I wish I never sold them. Unfortunately (or luckily, depending on the point of view), the only ones I still own are the two last ones – the 1992 MB 500 SL and the 2000 Jaguar Daimler V8. I love both of them and don’t use them as daily drivers, they have the privilege of serving as “hobby cars” only.  And, needless to say, to me both are the incarnation of “tomorrow’s classics”. 

When it comes to cars, I have always been most fascinated by the elegant and luxurious sedans and sport cars that I witnessed during my childhood and youth in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Some cars are more than just objects. They are experiences based on associations and emotions we connect to it. They can be from our youth, from a movie we saw, from passion for mechanical engineering, and so on… 

For me, it’s most of all about cars that I had the chance to experience in my younger days. There is the blue BMW 735iL (E30) that my dad’s friend bought in 1987. There is the brown (“bornit”) MB 600 SEL that my friend’s dad bought in 1991. There is the dark green Porsche 964 Carrera 2 targa I dreamt of when I was 14. There is the MB 560 SEL I talked my dad into buying in 1993. And so on, I could continue this list for hours.  

This is a contemporary video my dad took of our 560 SEL in 2002 just before he sold it after owning it for almost ten years. One of the many cars that played a role in my youth…

My passion is about elegant and luxurious automobiles from the 1980’s and 1990’s. I refer to them as Tomorrow’s Classics because I am sure that they will be viewed as real classic in the near future.

Some of the automotive models that had an impact on my childhood and youth

The first car I acquired purely on an emotional basis and because I always wanted to have one was the 2000 Jaguar Daimler V8 (model X308) in 2013. Actually, I started to like this car so much that I created a blog about it. You can find this blog at (but it is only a German website).

I started to like my Jaguar X308 so much that I have been blogging about it since 2016

My passion is not only about Jaguar though. It is about various luxury cars from my youth, and it is – more specifically – about the cars’ stories. It’s not just the Jaguar X308 (or Mercedes 500 SEL, or Porsche 964, …) in general that fascinates me – it is the specific car’s story.

When I encounter a fascinating car from the 80’s or 90’s today, it is the car’s story that fascinates me. What was its history? What spec and features does it have? What makes it special among other cars of the same make and type? It is this fascination that made me create this website, so that car stories like this have a place to be published and consumed by everyone who likes them.

What’s your favorite Tomorrow’s Classic Car? Do you own one? What’s the story that connects you to this car?